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Flashpoint - British Firework Championships
Flashpoint Fireworks had put their name forward for many years to take part in the British Championships but had never been lucky enough to be drawn from the hat. Finally in 2010 they were invited to the internationally renowned British Firework Championships at Plymouth Hoe to be held on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 August 2010.

Jason Mayes, Flashpoint's owner, set about designing the display early in 2010. He says "We had a few ideas of how we wanted the display to look and started locating specialist shells, roman candles and display cakes from all over the UK. We wanted to fire the display in a number of specific sections where we would use either selected colours, repeating patterns or types of fireworks".
"We really wanted to include some of the finest display shells on sale in the UK, especially from Yung Feng Fireworks with names such as Aqua Magic Peony with Pink Circle and Glittering Silver to Green to Swimming Chrysanthemum,” said Jason. The final display included fireworks from Italy, Spain and China.

In total Jason spent in excess of 85 hours designing the ten-minute display on Flashpoints state of the art computerised firing system. A month before the display the Flashpoint team set about pre rigging as much as possible of the display, making sure every firework was labeled. The 12 man was fully briefed beforehand so that every team member knew what their roles would be on the big day.

The team set off in three long wheel base vans early on the 10th August 2010 from Surrey, finally arriving in Plymouth in the late afternoon. They watched the displays fired by the three teams on the 10th and then got a early night so ready for a 7:00am start the next morning. It was a wonderful still clear morning and the display crew set about laying out the site even before they had had breakfast. The work rate picked up even more after a much needed McDonald’s breakfast. The team had a good days fusing with most of the display set up before 6:00pm and only a couple of small tweaks needed during final testing.
The display was firing very well with many of the sequences working just how they had been designed and the audience was really enjoying it. Unfortunately close to the end of the display we had a low bursting firework start a small fire that severed the main data cable that linked all the computerised sequencers together. This meant that the data being sent from the main controller was not getting to each individual sequencer and the last minute and a half of the display was lost. This included over 290 display shells, 40 mines, 15 display cakes and 12 large bore roman candles.

The whole team was devastated, with so many hours work and such a great display up until they lost the connection. "I saw a few grown men cry that night,” says Jason. He continued "In the firework display business you have to take the highs with the lows and this was a low point for the team but I can assure you they all wanted to work the next week firing our day to day displays, which is a great testament of our companies’ team spirit at Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd".

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