Firework Displays

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Guildford Cathedral 50th Anniversary Ball, 2011
Flashpoint Fireworks were delighted to put on a magical finale to the celebrations at Guildford Cathedral on the 6th May 2011, and event with a guest list including many important dignitaries, local businesses and council members.

It was decided that the display would be designed to Tchaikovsky's ‘1812 Overture’, and one of Flashpoint’s display designers, Jon Robinson, worked around the clock to a very tight deadline to provide a visually stunning display that complimented the music. Jon said, "When designing musical displays it is essential to capture the mood of the music and make sure the fireworks enhance it, rather than overshadow the music". He added "This was a very prestigious event for our company and we all wanted to show off our award winning design skills to everyone in Guildford".
Jon designed the display making sure he included lots of punctuation of the music, which the ‘1812 Overture’ certainly has oodles of. Using breathtaking gold willow effects during the display, along with a multitude of bright pinks and aqua colours, Jon ensured that the show would be one to remember

The weekend before the event was spent pre-rigging many of the pyrotechnic items that were going to be used. On the display day they were lucky enough to have fantastic weather for the display setup. The team assembled at 9:00am to start loading all the materials and equipment into their vehicles before heading off to Guildford Cathedral. Arriving on site at midday, they started to set up the perimeter fence and then all the fireworks in the correct places for the display, before plugging them into the computerised sequencers. You can see a time-lapse video below of the 7 hours it took to set up this display.
The display was a resounding success. The event organiser, Caroline Simcox at Guildford Cathedral said, "What can I say, but thank you so very much to you and all your team for the fantastic firework display on Friday night to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. It was, without question, the absolute highlight of the evening and everyone I have spoken to since say it is the best musical display they have ever seen". She added "also, you made the whole process very easy with Health & Safety paperwork and ease of setting up – many thanks for that".

If you have a special event that would benefit from an amazing firework finale, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help by using the contact form or calling 01483 417475.