Firework Displays

- Explosive Entertainment that will take your breath away

Public displays
Remember, remember the 5th November
November the 5th – the most important time on the firework calendar. Public firework events are one of the best ways for children and adults alike to enjoy a fabulous firework display.

  • Please note: These prices are examples only. Please contact us for a full written quotation. All prices include VAT at the standard rate.
    Public displays sample pricing

    Display duration

    6 Minutes

    8 Minutes

    12 Minutes

    Minimum per minute







    from £1110

    from £1480

    from £2220


Everyone remembers the first large bonfire night display they went to as a child - the smells… the noise the fireworks!

These events can draw large crowds and a well-run public firework display is the safest way for the public to watch fireworks safely. Flashpoint Fireworks are always keen to work with all local Lions, Rotary and Round Table clubs with public events. We offer a complete management service that takes care of organising and firing large firework displays. Often these displays are also a way of raising money for charity or a school PTA.

For more information on the services Flashpoint can provide at public events please contact us - letting us know the size of the audience you will be expecting and where you were thinking of holding the event.

Important information -
It is always best to check with the venue first that they allow fireworks and then contact us.

Consider how many people will be attending the event. If it is under 2000 then work on the basis
of £185 a minute as a minimum, if greater than 3000 it would be advisable to increase the budget
somewhere between £335 and £500 a minute. We will provide you with a full written quotation,
helpful advice and suggestions.

Remember that all firework displays in the UK need to be completed by 11:00 pm except on
specific nights of the year such as November 5th and New Years Eve.

The figures above are examples only - if you have a large budget and would like a display fired
from different locations we can help, if you have a small budget but want to make a big impact
our designers will also be able to help you.

Please contact us for more information.