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November Firework Displays
Traditional Bonfire Night displays are a firm favourite with the British public and one of the most exciting fixtures on our social calendar.
  • Traditional Displays
  • Low Noise
  • Child Friendly
  • Musical Displays
  • Lions & Round Table
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Remember Remember the 5th of November
The 5th November is the peak of the firework calendar and we love it at Flashpoint Fireworks. Everyone remembers their first large bonfire night display - the smell, the noise and the amazing fireworks. I’m sure when Guy Fawkes set out on his quest to blow up parliament, back in 1605, he had no idea that thousands of families, friends and organisations would gather in fields across the UK every year on the 5th of November to remember his exploits.

Public firework events are the best way to safely enjoy a magical firework display, and we’re taking firework display bookings across Surrey, Essex, Hampshire, London and the rest of the South East.
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    Why not upgrade your November Firework display by adding some of our exciting extras.
    • Add Lighting: Whether it is lighting for the outside of a building or an inspiring backdrop to your event, we can provide an ideal lighting solution for your November Firework Event.

    • Add Lasers: November clients tend to request many different types of laser shows. We can easily provide a laser display over the top of your audience, lasers work amazingly well when used in conjunction with our November firework displays.

    • Add Flames & Confetti: Flames will bring that absolute wow moment to your event and can be used both internally and externally. The are a real crowd pleaser where you will hear all the Ohh's and Ahh's from your guests. Confetti effects are versatile and used for many types of celebrations. When used at an event where we are suppling a firework display they can be used in conjunction with the display or as a stand alone element. Flashpoint have used a wide range of confetti hardware such as CO2 cannons and single shot units to add impact at many events across the country.
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Safe and Professional Firework Displays
A well-run November bonfire and firework display is the perfect way for the public to watch fireworks safely. Know you and your audience are in safe hands – we’ve worked with many Councils, Scout & Guide groups, Lions, Rotary and Round Table organisations along with schools and other local groups over the November firework season for magical firework displays enjoyed by all. Want something special? Then set it to music! We can choreograph your fireworks to music from West-End musicals, the latest hits or classical music. Tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver.

The Complete Fireworks Night Package
As an organiser, you’ll have enough on your plate, so let us take care of organising and firing your firework display. We’ll do everything necessary to ensure your audience have a safe and enjoyable time - from risk assessing the display site to tidying up and raking over the display site once the event is over.

November Firework Display Duration & Cost
We recommend displays somewhere between 12 to 30 minutes in length for November firework displays depending on the size and budget of your event. Costs range from £3,000 to £75,000 for a November display, depending on the date and size of your event. All prices include VAT.

Giving you an accurate cost for your firework display is quick and easy after a brief discussion about your ideas, give us a call or use the contact form below for a no-obligation discussion and quote.

01483 417475
All prices inclusive of VAT

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Our Service
The Professional Firework Display Service

Use Flashpoint Fireworks for the best display and the best service. We dedicate hours to developing your perfect display, finding the best effects and materials for a show that’s streets ahead of anything you or your guests will have seen elsewhere. Listening carefully to your needs and applying our in-depth understanding of fireworks and the options available means we create stunning visual effects to take your breath away.

Before the display we…
• Carry out an in-depth kick-off meeting to discuss your needs and expectations
• Conduct a venue site survey and full risk assessment
• Design the full display in response to your brief
• Liaise with the emergency services to keep them informed of your event

On the day…
• A professional display team sets up the fireworks
• The lead firer stays in touch with you and/or your venue
• We carry out a final check to make sure all safety procedures are in place
• We fire your display at the correct time

After your display we…
• Carefully clear the site of all fireworks and rake the display site
• Get in touch to discuss your display and hear your feedback
• Send you a video of your display, if recorded
Well what a whirlwind of a week it has been, I can't believe it is all over and life returns to normal now. I cannot thank you enough for the firework display, it was absolutely amazing, magical and did exactly what I asked for, left everyone saying wow and that it was the best display they had seen. I've been asked a few times what was my favourite part of the day and I honestly have to say it was the fireworks, my bridesmaids and I were crying by the end as we found it so moving and it really made a special day extra special. Many thanks once again.
Katy & Martin - Wedding at Russets Wedding Venue in Chiddingfold, Surrey
T: 01483 417475
M: 07961 986361

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I was about to send you an email and hope you don't mind my profanity but the display was ****ING AWESOME! So glad we stuck it out and got you guys in. Everyone was blown away by how well sequenced and spectacular the display was. Worth every single penny. Thank you!
Martin Greenhow,- Hazlewood Castle