Fireworks should be treated with respect, but are great fun for all the family.

Keeping Safe While Using Consumer Fireworks
If you are as old as some of us here at Flashpoint you will remember the pictured firework safety leaflet with Freddie the Firework on from the 1970's. All the points on the leaflet still apply 50 years later.

Fireworks are a great form of entertainment for families wanting to celebrate on November 5th, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year. Like most things, you have to be aware of any potential hazards you have with fireworks while using them.

This safety page gives you advice and information on the types of fireworks there are in 2020 and how to keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions about firework types or safety advice, please give our team a call on 01483 417475 or email us at and we will endeavour to answer any questions.

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Firework Categories

There are four main types of fireworks, three of these are available to the general public:

• Category F1 Indoor Fireworks & Close Proximity Fireworks.
• Category F2 Garden Fireworks.
• Category F3 Larger Garden & Display Fireworks.
• Category F4 Professional Fireworks - these are not for sale to the general public.

Category F2 and F3 fireworks are roughly the same.
Category F2 Fireworks are for use in smaller gardens and have a safety distance of 8 metres. With some of these items we may recommend 15 metres. Category F3 Fireworks are larger and require a minimum safety distance of 25 metres.

When You Can Let Off Fireworks

Fireworks can be set off 365 days of the year, but you must NOT let fireworks off in public places and you must also have permission of the land owner. Fireworks can be let off from 7am until 11pm with the following exceptions -
• November 5th - Bonfire Night, until midnight.
• December 31st - New Years Eve, until 1am.
• Diwali until 1am.
• Chinese New Year until 1am.

Always Be Considerate

It is always best practice to contact your neighbours if you are having a fireworks display, especially the elderly and those with children and pets. Consider the timing of your display, try to have it earlier in the evening and hold it on a Friday or Saturday and make sure the noise is over by 11.00 pm.

Setting Up & Firing Fireworks

It always pays to be prepared, this will make the display more enjoyable. It is best to nominate one person who will be in charge of the fireworks. You should always make sure that the fireworks you purchase are right for the your display site, this will probably be more than you think. Be sure to read and follow the instructions on each firework, they will all be different. Below is a list of twigs to always consider:

• Read the instructions on each firework.

• Check the safety distance the firework requires.

• Keep the fireworks in a safe place away from naked flame.

• When setting off fireworks it is advisable to wear protective clothing such as overalls, goggles, hard hat and gloves.

• When lighting fireworks always stand side on to the firework. Light the tip of the fuse at arms length and retire to a safe distance.

• Never step over or lean over the top of any firework.

• Do not smoke while handling fireworks.

• It is advisable to put smaller items, such as fountains, at the front of your display area, small cakes and roman candles in the middle and large cakes and rockets at the back. Remember to angle all fireworks away from your audience towards your fall out area.

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Firework Types & Futher Tips

Along with all the advice above, below, we run through all the firework types and any other additional safety information for these products.
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These can be found in selection boxes and larger ones purchased individually. They omit showers of cascading coloured sparks and crackles. A real favourite for young children.
• These should where possible be secured with a stake.
• Always place the stake between the audience and fountain.
• Ensure there are no overhead obstructions.
• The fuse is normally located under a orange tab marked FUSE.
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Catherine Wheels

A real family favourite. Catherine Wheels spin around at a fantastic speed emitting showers of sparks, colours stars and crackles.

• These should be attached securely to a post using the supplied nail.
• Always make sure the wheel can spin freely.
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Cakes or Barrages

These items come in a mixture of styles. They can fire straight up and also in fans or a mixture of both. These firework should be treated with respect. Small cakes can be buried or, like large cakes, you should stake them and tape them using gaffa tape to secure them. Please take care with fanned cakes, making sure the orientation is correct when placing them on the ground, ie NOT firing over the audience.

• These should where possible be secured with a stake.
• Always place the stake between the audience and cake.
• Ensure there are no overhead obstructions.
• The fuse is normally located under a orange tab marked FUSE.
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Roman Candles

Roman Candles or Bundles, eject stars from a single or multitude of tubes. These should be buried to or attached to a stake to ensure they will not fall over.

• These should where possible be secured with a stake. For roman candles cable ties work well.
• Always place the stake between the audience and cake.
• Ensure there are no overhead obstructions.
• The fuse is normally located under a orange tab marked FUSE.
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Everyone loves a good rocket. These come in a multitude of size, colours and effects. Rockets should be launched using the supplied launching tube. The tube should be angled slightly away from the spectators and towards your fall out zone.

• Ensure the launching tube is secure and cannot fall over.
• Ensure there are no overhead obstructions.
• Ensure the rocket is free to rise from the tube.
• On a Rocket the fuse is normally located under a orange tab or cap.
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